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Tiny Houses

The popularity of Tiny Houses has been growing and Odum is the official representative of Noma Compact for the Portuguese market. This type of modular construction, which emerged based on minimalism, has all the essential elements of a traditional house, but in a smaller space. We have several models, all of them completely mobile, flexible, low maintenance, economically more accessible and with a lower impact environmental.

Tiny Home Noma are made of wood, are 2.5 meters wide and therefore have caravan status, complying with the highway code and can be parked in camping areas (in the tent and caravan area), or in protected areas. We have our own assembly teams that ensure installation on a turnkey basis.

Inuítes 5

The most popular solution. It has a loft and a sofa bed, a 2.4 meter long kitchen, and a large and comfortable bathroom.

2 to 4 People | 16 m² | 5,40m x 2,5m

Inuítes 7

Considered the largest, it has two floors, separating the master bedroom from the living area. It has a loft and a sofa bed.

2 to 5 People | 23,75m² | 7,20m x 2,5m

Suíte 5

Almost like a hotel room, this suite is ideal for couples. The unique design highlights the windows that bring lots of light to the room. Kitchen available in the PLUS version.

2 People | 11,98 m² | 5,40m x 2,5m

Suíte 7

Luxurious and with lots of space. The bed in this suite is next to the window, with a small rest area. Kitchen available in the PLUS version.

2 People | 15,75m² | 7,20m x 2,5m